Palapa Hut Hostel & Camping

150 m oeste del aeropuerto, Puerto Jimenez, 60702, Kostarika
  na základě 11 recenzí

nedávno jsme dokončili nákup více než 200 hektarů nebo více než 500 akrů primárního deštného pralesa na poloostrově Osa. naše skupina nemovitostí může nyní hrdě konstatovat, že jsme se stali uhlíkovým neutrálním, čímž jsme dosáhli jednoho z našich dlouhých rodinných a podnikových cílů. Pura Vida!

jsme šťastní, že jste upustili. vydejte se, posaďte se a odpočiňte si. je velmi snadné spadnout do tropického rytmu v místě, kde se nacházejí doškové střechy, jako jsou chozas, rančos a palapy. Jsou neodmyslitelnou součástí historického i současného životního stylu Osa a zkušeností. Jedná se o jednoduchost, funkčnost a krásu, které se přenesly do jemné práce. si všimnete tropické elegance la palapa chata, jakmile vstoupíte.

FYI palapas chozas ranchos a stany všechny podporují snížení úrovně stresu člověka. příroda má skvělý způsob, jak to udělat. v chatě la palapa Vás zveme, abyste si užívali bohatství flóry a fauny. Možná vám zaúčtujeme více peněz než průměrná ubytovna, ale věřte nám, když říkáte, že byste se opravdu měli zacházet sami, a to hlavně kvůli nádherně tropickému zážitku za velmi ekonomickou cenu, kterou obdržíte v chatě la palapa.

mimořádnou flóru a faunu lze nalézt v celém objektu. chodit s fotoaparátem a nezapomeňte zpomalit a užít si!

  • Lázně a tělocvična
    Stolní tenis
  • Venku
    Gril na dřevěné uhlí, Sdílený Zahrada
Děti jsou vítány, Vhodné pro starší osoby či nemohoucí, Vhodné pro akce, Přístupné pro vozíčkáře,Přijímáme kreditní karty, Non-stop, Towels not included but can be rented for $2 USD

150 m oeste del aeropuerto , Puerto Jimenez, 60702, Kostarika

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na základě 11 recenzí
Alex (Germany)
Really nice Hostel

We‘ve been in the hostel for three nights and totally recommend it. Andrew is super nice, friendly and really helpful. The nature around the Hostel is just stunning. It‘s a very good place to go for a Tour in the Corcovado parc but there are also quite nice beaches. We would definitely book the room again!

Thanks for visiting Alex and Clara. It was great to have you both around for a few days. Your comments, suggestions and insights were most welcome. I hope you continue to enjoy your visit to CR. Come back and visit us again someday. Pura Vida, Andrew

odpověděl majitel (12.09.2019 1:40:37)

Mladý pár  |  PH2 Deluxe Single Private Bathroom AC  |  byl ubytován v 9/2019

Brodard Maxime (Suisse)
Mémorable séjour

Dès notre arrivée dans ce petit paradis, il y a eu des capucins et singes araignée c'était magique. L'hôte est très convivial et de bons conseils. Nous avons fait un tour en bateau pour aller voir des baleines et dauphins. C'était la encore une fois magique on en a vu 4 différentes de baleine, avec des sauts en bonus et un groupe d'une cinquantaine de dauphins encore une fois cela etait incroyable. Je recommande à 100% cet endroit. Merci encore pour l'accueil.

Monkeys, Whales and Dolphins, Wow!! Congratulations on your good luck and thanks for the kind words. Pura Vida, Andres

odpověděl majitel (12.09.2019 21:11:08)

Zralý pár  |  PH Single Bed Shared Dorm FANS  |  byl ubytován v 9/2019

Dave Monks (Scotland)
Good choice

Nice location. People mentioned the ‘airport’. Don’t even think about it. It’s tiny and only small planes use it. Very helpful staff, good facilities and a mangrove swamp on the premises. The howler monkeys won’t wake you up but if you want to hear them, then just wake up early enough. Andrew can sort out a great guide for the forest.

Hope you made it to your next destination as planned David. Happy to read you enjoyed your visit. Keep on traveling. Pura Vida, Andrew

odpověděl majitel (02.10.2019 12:30:54)

Jedna osoba  |  PH Single Bed Shared Dorm AC  |  byl ubytován v 9/2019

Daniel Goldstein (Sweden)
Amazing place!

This place is fabulously located in an area where you will see different animals on the proporty at given times. Andrés (the owner and manager) is very friendly and welcoming and will help you with anything you need. Highly recommended!

Thanks for your 2 visits Dan. We're happy to earn your recommendation. Pura Vida, Andres

odpověděl majitel (30.07.2019 15:34:36)

Jedna osoba  |  PH2 Deluxe Single Private Bathroom AC  |  byl ubytován v 7/2019


Seventeen of us stayed for three nights and loved it! What an amazing place to stay with jungle and wildlife all around. The accommodation was ideal for our requirements and Andrew was so helpful in every way. Very good value for money too. Can't recommend highly enough!

And we were happy to receive you and you group Neil. Hope your trip home was without incident. Come back if ever in the vicinity. Slainte Mhath, Andrew

odpověděl majitel (31.07.2019 12:24:08)

Skupina  |  PH2 Deluxe Single Private Bathroom AC  |  byl ubytován v 7/2019

Adams selymes (Brazil)
Nice Stay

Helpful and smiling attendants, I was lucky to have my breakfast included, stayed in a private room with AC and was all good, silently and calm, shower just outside looking the moon and stars. not a fancy place to stay as long as you intend to spend most of your days outdoors but safe, clean, good price and next to supermarket. Recommend it.

Im happy we met or bettered your expectations Adams. Potential guests please note that breakfast is not available onsite after April 2019. There are however a number of local sodas (small cafes or food providers) within walking distance happy to serve you breakfast. Pura Vida, Andrew

odpověděl majitel (30.07.2019 15:43:53)

Jedna osoba  |  PH AC Deluxe Single & Private Toilet  |  byl ubytován v 3/2019

Loreen (USA)

I enjoyed my stay at La Palapa. The room was clean and comfortable. The staff are very friendly and helpful— you can tell they care about their guests. The grounds are beautiful; I especially loved watching all the wildlife from the monkeys to the iguanas to the birds. They have a nice kitchen open for cooking and they have a yummy complimentary breakfast. Great stay!

Thanks for your kind words Loreen. Potential visitors please note that Breakfast is not available after April 2019. There are however a number of local sodas (small cafes or food providers) within walking distance happy to serve you breakfast. Pura vida, Andres

odpověděl majitel (30.07.2019 15:43:32)

Jedna osoba  |  PH AC Single Bed in Shared Dorm  |  byl ubytován v 3/2019

What a surprise!

We were planning to stay one night at the tent, but prolonged our visit for three more as the Palapa turned to be more comfortable than we expected. In the morning chat with owner itself, Andrew, we upgraded the camping to the private tent with our own shower for less than the fried banana price! All Team is very helpful and nice. The Hostel is taken care of and very clean. Don't worry about the nearby airport - the sound of departuring/arriving plane is more exciting than annoying. I do recommend to pass by Palapa Hut Hostel & Camping on your further way exploring beautiful Costa Rica!

It means a lot to all of us at 'La Palapa Hut' & 'Escape to the Tropics' to read your words K. Thanks for visiting us here on the Osa & may you both continue to enjoy your tropical adventure. Once again thanks for the kind words and for spreading the Palapa's good vibe! Pura Vida, Andrew

odpověděl majitel (05.01.2019 23:08:33)

Mladý pár  |  Deluxe Queen Tent in Private Rancho  |  byl ubytován v 1/2019

Tiffany (USA)
Great Place!!!

We really enjoyed our stay here and extended two or three times staying about a week. Clean facilities and well maintained. All the staff were really nice. Coffee all day - oh my goodness thank you so much! Beautiful grounds. This was a great place to base from and we would recommend. Thank you guys for all the hard work and wish you all the best.

It's great to read that our guests continue to extend their stays. To be truthful, it's really hard not to extend when everything just clicks and that happens sometimes without a doubt! Thanks for the visit and kind words Tiffany. Pura Vida, Jacqueline, Andrew y todo el equipo de La Palapa Hut y Escape to the Tropics.

odpověděl majitel (01.02.2019 21:58:57)

Mladý pár  |  PH Campsite Only, 1 or 2 Campers  |  byl ubytován v 1/2019


This is a really great hostel in Puerto Jimenez. We went there to see the Corcovado National Park and booked the tour they offered in the hostal. Our guide was Beni, who took us to a remote cabin deep in the jungle from which we could see into corcovado. He cooked on the fire for us, and we slept under the Stars. Great value, we can definitely recommend it.

Nico happy to read that all went well in the jungle. We agree that the Trek & Camping Tour to the Osa Interior is great value. We just need to spread the good word. We'll let Beni know that you were super happy. Pura Vida from the entire Gang @ Escape to the Tropics.

odpověděl majitel (04.02.2019 18:17:44)

Nespecifikováno  |  PH AC Deluxe Single & Private Toilet  |  byl ubytován v 1/2019

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Palapa Hut Nature Hostel

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