We are doing our utmost to safeguard your health while visiting us. We start by asking you to register online using our new digital registration form. We may also try and email your invoice and/or process your credit card before arriving. A contactless check-in procedure reduces the risk of infection for everyone, so we would very much appreciate your cooperation. 

When you arrive you will find easy access to antibacterial hand soap, sanitizing gel, and alcohol while visiting, so please use it freely. We also ask that you keep at least 1.8 meters or 6 feet distant from personnel and other guests as well as wearing a face covering when less than 6 feet from others. 

We reutilized the bar into a communal kitchen offering lots of space for guests to cook while maintaining social distance. You may also order something to eat from a variety of local restaurants. We have some of their menus on-site and are happy to order for you and they are happy to deliver for a small fee, usually less than 2 dollars.

Finally, you should know that we won't enter your room for cleaning unless you specifically ask us to do so, instead, we are happy to mitigate risk for both guests and associates alike. We will only enter to clean your room upon request and after your departure. Towels can be exchanged at the front desk.