Casa Manglar @ La Chosa del Manglar, 150 meters west of the airfield, Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica, Puerto Jiménez, 60702, コスタリカ
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Casa Manglar @ La Chosa del Manglar 150 meters west of the airfield, Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica, Puerto Jiménez, 60702, コスタリカ


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Joe Richard (Grecia, Costa Rica)
Casa Manglar, jungle delight including all the comforts.

There's always some apprehension when booking a place sight unseen. After an easy flight from San Jose to the airport in Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula, we actually walked to Casa Manglar in five minutes or so. Greeted by the on sight manager, Ronny, we were shown to our residence for the next five days. No need for all that apprehension. The four of us had the same reaction. The house was big and beautiful, spacious and completely furnished. Four separate comfortable bedrooms, big kitchen and sitting area, a "widows walk" near the tops of the surrounding trees and more property with paths than I could walk in the whole time of the stay. We gambled on the time of the year for out trip, being in the middle of the rainy season, but were rewarded with sunshine every day and a soothing rain every night while we slept. The ocean was flat for our four hour whaling watch. Just a glimpse of one whale, but that didn't ruin a beautiful time on the water. Ronny was very accommodating and helped with lots of information and arranged for our whale excursion. Even better than that, he supplied us with a bag of bananas and called us when the monkeys were ready to eat. A bunch of white faced monkeys including two with babies on their backs happily ate the many bananas and posed for us for great pictures. All kinds of wildlife including magnificent scarlet macaws were around the house night and day. The casa was within walking distance of a grocery store so there was no reason to go without. There also was a great little souvenir shop just around the corner near the airport that had all kinds of cool things all made by the locals. The office for Sansa Airlines was in the same building and it's where you go to check in for the return flight. Just around the corner were two car rental offices and we rented an SUV for $45 a day and it was a great decision. All of us being senior citizens, it would have been difficult to walk to town to take advantage of shops and restaurants. Our favorite eatery was Restaurante Corcovado which had breakfast, the huevos rancheros was great, lunch and dinner. From great shrimp to langosta and special margaritas. Airbandb did not disappoint and Andrew, our contact, was very accommodating. It's important to know that reservations must be made at the municipality building if you want to visit Corcovado National Park. Thank you Andrew and Ronny. Enjoy your visit.

グループ  |  Casa Manglar  |  に滞在 10/2018

Our 5 days at Casa Manglar

The minute we set foot in the outside living area of Casa Manglar, we were in awe. Spacious, comfortable and so peaceful. The house itself has everything you need and then some. The indoor/outdoor concept is to die for and allowed the whole family (2 parents and 5 kids 2-11) to enjoy every moment we spent onsite. Did we mention the private pool that comes along with the house ? Well, 5 kids, tropical weather and a pool are a match made in heaven as far as we are concerned. To keep it short, we are FANS ! Loved it ... every second.

幼い子供のいる家族  |  Casa Manglar  |  に滞在 5/2018

Casa Manglar Tropical Guesthouse

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