Palapa Hut Hostel & Camping

150 m oeste del aeropuerto, Puerto Jimenez, 60702, Коста-Рика
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недавно мы завершили покупку более 200 гектаров или более 500 акров первичных дождевых лесов на полуострове Оса. наша собственная группа теперь может с гордостью заявить, что мы стали углеродно-нейтральными, достигая одной из наших давних семейных и корпоративных целей. Пура Вида!

мы счастливы, что ты зашел. снять нагрузку, сесть и расслабиться. очень легко попасть в тропический ритм в месте, где есть соломенные крыши, такие как хоза, ранчо и палапа. Они являются неотъемлемой частью как исторического, так и современного образа жизни Осы. Это простота, функциональность и красота, которые все превратились в прекрасный кусок работы. вы заметите тропическую элегантность хижины La Palapa, как только вы войдете.

FYI palapas chozas ranchos и палатки все способствуют снижению уровня стресса у человека. у природы есть отличный способ сделать это. в ла-Палапа, мы приглашаем вас насладиться обилием флоры и фауны. Возможно, мы возьмем пару долларов больше, чем средний хостел, но поверьте нам, когда мы говорим, что вы действительно должны побаловать себя, в основном из-за чудесного тропического опыта по очень экономичной цене, которую вы получите в хижине la palapa.

необычную флору и фауну можно найти на всей территории. прогуляйтесь с камерой и не забудьте замедлить и наслаждаться!

  • Спа-центр и тренажерный зал
    Настольный теннис
  • Вне
    Мангал не угле, Общий Сад
Для детей, Подходит для пожилых и инвалидов, Подходит для мероприятий, Подходит инвалидам,Оплата кредитной картой, Доступно 24/7, Towels not included but can be rented for $2 USD

150 m oeste del aeropuerto , Puerto Jimenez, 60702, Коста-Рика

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основано на 30 отзывах

I reserved for 1 night but stayed for 3. The owner & his family are all very friendly & helpful with giving information, greatly appreciated. Beautiful garden area, quiet & welcoming. I highly recommend this place.

So happy you enjoyed your visit. It was great to meet you Pamela. Come back anytime. Pura Vida, Andrew

ответ владельца (09.01.2021 22:01:31)

Не указано  |  PH1 Deluxe Single Private Toilet AC  |  даты пребывания 1/2021

Best Place !!!

L'hôte est incroyablement gentille ! L'endroit est magnifique surtout pour observer les animaux ! Je recommande fortement ! Mon hostel favorite depuis le début de mon séjour !

Merci beaucoup

ответ владельца (05.02.2021 13:21:32)

Не указано  |  PH1 Deluxe Single Private Toilet AC  |  даты пребывания 1/2021

Marilyne (France)
Great stay

I came in super early without knowing anything about the place. I was pleased with everything! There is a lot of animals all around. The owner is very helpful. Great place to stay.

Thanks for your short but sweet visit Marilyne.

ответ владельца (08.03.2020 2:44:34)

Один гость  |  PH Single Bed Shared Dorm FANS  |  даты пребывания 3/2020

Just one word: AMAZING!

This place exceeds any expectations! I stayed in a private room in the hostel part and the facilities I got for the price were just a luxury! The hostel and hotel area is full of nature, plants, animals, you can spend days there without leaving the place and feel like it was the most relaxing day in your life. My favourite spot was one of the hammocks with the view of almond tree where the macaw parrots were feeding. The little bar is so lovely with good prices, definitely everyone has to try their chileguaro! I really hope I will be able to go back.

So happy you enjoyed your visit.

ответ владельца (25.03.2020 11:45:05)

Один гость  |  PH1 Deluxe Single Private Toilet AC  |  даты пребывания 3/2020

Nadja and Valentina
Great stay with many animals

It was great to stay there! We saw a lot of animals in the garden and the host was a nice guy and helped us a lot :) we would go there anytime!

Hope you continue to enjoy your CR holiday ladies. Pura vida, Andrew

ответ владельца (15.02.2020 16:19:01)

Не указано  |  PH2 Deluxe Single Private Bathroom AC  |  даты пребывания 2/2020

Ricardo (Brazil)

Great place. The people that work there are very helpful and know the area very well. They go out of their way to help you with all your needs. The restroom door wasn’t working and they fix it in less the 30 minutes.

thanks for your kind comments Ricardo. Pura Vida, Andrew

ответ владельца (08.03.2020 2:45:34)

Один гость  |  PH1 Deluxe Single Private Toilet AC  |  даты пребывания 2/2020

Daniel King (Canada)
Daniel King

Beautiful place to stay! Much enjoyed the green space between both sides of the hostel, the patio tables across the lobby, and the secret garden :) As a solo backpacker, the dorms were high quality. Access to multiple washrooms was great + dorm room was spacious and comfortable. Mosquito nets were a nice touch. Owner Andrew, his wife and son were all engaging, friendly and informative. Showing up without any reservations or tour plans, it was easy to get a spot booked. Having regular tour guide Randall swing by the place to pitch his available activities was a great business idea and very helpful. Kudos to Andrew and Randall. Highly recommend :)

Один гость  |  PH Single Bed Shared Dorm FANS  |  даты пребывания 2/2020

Cornelia (Canada)
True paradise

Wonderful place in the middle of the nature. Don't need to go anywhere to see lots of birds and animals. Environment is well thought to offer plenty of spaces to relax. Andrew and his wife are wonderful answering to all your needs. His son makes excellent cocktails. The place is cristal clean and all the staff is warm and friendly. We loved staying there. Thanks to all

Cornelia it was a real treat to host you and your companions. Come back whenever you want. Pura Vida, Andrew, Jackie and Andrew Jr.

ответ владельца (03.02.2020 0:14:19)

Пожилая пара  |  PH Deluxe Twin AC  |  даты пребывания 1/2020

Best place to stay in Puerto Jimenez

I totally recommend this place. very good location, you can see a lot of wild animals around the camp. And the owner, Andrew is legend. He helped me organize a lot of things.

Thanks for enjoying the place Norbert. It was a pleasure to host you. Enjoy the rest of your visit to CR.

ответ владельца (18.12.2019 14:37:50)

Один гость  |  PH Deluxe Twin AC  |  даты пребывания 12/2019

Angie encina

Palapa was absolutely fantastic! Surrounded by forest and amazing animals all over! The staff were great! Andrew and family made us feel like home. We stayed 5 nights and would have stayed more! Thank you so much to the palapa staff

We are so happy that you enjoyed your stay Angie and Tom. Come back and see us again when time permits. Pura Vida, Andrew

ответ владельца (28.12.2019 1:48:44)

Молодая пара  |  PH1 Deluxe Single Private Toilet AC  |  даты пребывания 12/2019

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