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Live and Work in Costa Rica. No need for Permanent Residency!

Discover a greener, healthier, less stressful, and more enjoyable lifestyle designed for singles, couples, and families. Live and Work in Costa Rica without permanent residency commitment, cost, or hassle. The move to beautiful Costa Rica doesn't get any easier than this.

We offer North American Service, Quality, and Diligence enhanced by Latin American Passion, Perspective, and Experience. Read on for more info.   

Costa Rica now offers the possibility of living as a temporary resident for up to 180 days or 6 months without having to depart this magical country. It does require a bit of forethought though if you want to have a fully functional lifestyle upon arriving in the country. We've been in Costa Rica since 1991 and know the ropes. We're happy to offer a road map to living in Costa Rica without having to make a long-term commitment or deal with heavy-handed government bureaucracy. 

We've designed a bundle of products and services that make the transition easy, quick, and economically viable, just the way it should be! You'll be able to start working in many cases before you even arrive if that's what you are hoping to do, and if not, then you'll be able to jump into your tropical lifestyle in the first few days of your arrival. 

You can leave whenever you want with no long-term commitment or stay as long as you want, but you will have to leave the country every 180 days. A visit to a neighboring country or a trip back home is always a wonderful way to clear your head every six months. So, if a tropical lifestyle interests you, then just let us know via our Call Me Back form below. Select Type, Osa Adventure Center and we'll get back to you to discuss your new "Life in the Tropics". 

Pura Vida from all of us here at Escape to the Tropics. 

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