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About the Property

Escape to the Tropics is delighted to partner with Chosa Manglar Nature Retreat, a tropical property offering villas, suites, hotel rooms, cabins, dormitories, retreats, and events center rentals all of which are located on the pristine, Osa Peninsula, in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Chosa Manglar Nature Retreat offers something for most tastes and most budgets. It's a wonderful place to de-stress, unwind, and chill out, all the while connecting with nature. It's the perfect place to start or end your trip to Corcovado National Park. We are an excellent transitional property in and out of the Corcovado jungle.

It's an urban property of 1.4 hectares or 4 acres of forest, creek, ponds, mangroves, and pastureland in the very heart of Puerto Jimenez, on the insanely biodiverse Osa Peninsula. Guests choose their preferred lodging style from Chosa Manglar Nature Suites, Casa Manglar Villa, La Palapa Hut Nature Hostel, and Chosa Royale Nature Retreat and Event Center. With only seventeen rooms on the entire property, guests always have lots of personal space while visiting.

Osa Adventure Center is happy to help with local services (such as our Live and Work in Costa Rica Bundle), transportation, tours, activities, and adventures whether online or onsite. They specialize in daily trips to "Corcovado National Park".

All four species of monkey native to Costa Rica visit the property, as do about ninety species of birds including Scarlet Macaws and several types of Toucans. The property is recognized as an urban, birding hotspot (https://ebird.org/hotspot/L12100175). Many mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects also visit or reside on-site, including two types of sloth, crocodiles, caimans, lizards, frogs, toads, anteaters, raccoons, armadillos, coatis, serpents, kinkajous, possums, butterflies, dragonflies, moths, damselflies, and beetles to name but just a few. Unlike most other village accommodations, we are located beneath a huge green canopy. Check Google Maps to see for yourself, https://g.page/ChosaManglar?share. It's important to note that all photographs of terrestrial animals and insects were taken at Chosa Manglar Nature Retreat.

Chosa Manglar Nature Retreat is ideally located twenty meters from a laundromat, thirty meters from a general store, one hundred meters from the small engine airport (no jets, no noise), 175 meters from Corcovado National Park office, 225 meters from car rentals, three hundred meters from the local beach, and three hundred meters from the town center. We can accommodate up to fifty-four guests in a variety of accommodation styles. If you are looking for a place to host your next event and/or retreat, just click the following link, Chosa Royale Retreat and Event Center, and then contact us to discuss dates and options.

We offer guests and visitors alike a super Tropical Experience with both manicured and wild gardens connected by raised walkways, trails, paths, and bridges, with chairs, tables, and benches placed throughout the property. We recommend that guests and visitors spend some time exploring the property otherwise you will miss many photo opportunities. Mama Jackie's Extensive Gardens are the perfect spot to sit back, view animals, have a drink, enjoy some tasty food, listen to music, rock stack, meet new friends, connect to WIFI, share local info, and best of all, tell tall tropical tales with newfound friends.

Pura Vida from Familia Gray Ortega, "Chosa Manglar Nature Retreat" and "Escape to the Tropics".